Matthew Trump

web app framework developer

Python/PHP/Node + Angular + Jquery

looking to build high-value commercial apps for interesting clients

I use cutting edge tools build awesome web apps.

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*** professional, dependable, honest, efficient, inventive
*** successful remote team member and leader
*** clear communicator with excellent documentation and technical presentation skills
*** specialist in MVC/MVW framework design

About me

Successful commercial application developer

With over a decade of experience building successful web app projects using many different platforms and languages, I find that MVC framework architecture is almost second-nature to me now. I still love the challenge of finding innovative ways to deploy it.

Just recently I concluded a four-year contract as a web framework developer for Macmillan Higher Education, one of the largest textbook publishers in the world.

Initially hired at Macmillan to make enhancements to a new in-house production app---a "skunkworks-type" project for digital publishing of new e-textbook products for the college market---I gradually assumed the role of lead developer and architect of the platform as it took off and evolved into a core component of the company's production tools.

I oversaw the successful design, testing and implementation of several major refactorings of the app on both the front end and back end. This included the expansion of the application into a multi-host distributed content management system that integrated with the company's larger in-house production chain through multiple channels of asynchronous messaging and automated document export.

During the entire contract I worked remotely while in day-to-day contact with a team based out of the company headquarters in New York City, and a virtual satellite office in Portland, Oregon.

I was responsible for nearly all tickets raised in the system for three years and was the day-to-day admin for the production environment on Amazon Web Services until those duties were made part of company IT services.

Tools I use

I've learned a many programming languages along the way, and written lots of code in some of them. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but today, on the server side, I strongly prefer to use Python over other ones I've used. That being said, PHP can be a powerful tool as well, and sometimes can be the obvious right choice for a project. So I like to keep both in my skill set for now.

I've been writing both Python and PHP scripts since 1999. Python seems to suit my style of development best for major projects. PHP can be useful to get things up and running instantly.

I've worked with quite a few frameworks, some just tinkering, and others in large application systems. The PHP ones are fairly similar in how they work. Zend is the one I know best.

When I picked up Django a couple years back, I realized how powerful it was, and how easy it made to get complex projects up and running in a fraction of the time it might have taken before, providing you know how to use it. It's especially useful when you are designing around a complex set of models, and when the business logic is fairly well known in advance. For that reason, it's a great choice for porting projects to a new platform, such as when making version-level refactoring to a new architecture.

JavaScript is an amazing language---a tool I use nearly every day in front-end work. There can be great fulfillment in making great user interfaces, especially when coupled with Ajax to make "one-page apps." I think Angular.js has the kind of transformative potential to open up entire new classes of applications. One needs to be creative. In the meantime, in day to day usage, I still do quite a bit of straight DOM manipulation with Jquery, and even spending lots of time thinking about CSS. You can bring enormous value to projects if you use those tools with precision and thought. Throw Angular in the mix and you can start doing almost anything, it seems.

Lately on the back end I have been evaluating various Node/Javascript frameworks and would welcome the opportunity to explore using such a tool for the right project. Maybe I will put something up on Heroku as a demo in the near future.

As far as databases go, I am comfortable working with any of the open source relational ones such as MySQL and Postgresql, but in the last couple years I've come to appreciate the joy of working with object databases like Mongo, which was the data source for the system I worked on at Macmillan. It seems like the technology has become robust enough to consider for almost any time of server application. Of course there are challenges working with Mongo in some frameworks like Django, but the tools are getting much better for that as well, and even has advantages over the traditional ORMS. Of course the choice of the database always depends on the project requirements.

What I'm looking for now

My position at Macmillan Higher Education building a publishing application was just the latest of several where I have designed and developed successful web applications for corporate and start-up clients. Among other projects, I've also built secure forex transaction middleware (for Barclays Capital), franchise management and bookkeeping applications, proprietary wiki platforms, and biodata collection engines (for Logisens).

I've also worked in the education industry, as an instructor for the Princeton Review, and as a classroom instructor on the high school and college level in New York.

As a tech guru (something I've wound up being at times), I consider part of my job to stretch the idea of what is possible with the tools that are available. I'd like to keep my winning streak going.

Although I'm open to just about any good idea that involves the creative application of the above technologies, I'm primarily on the lookout for a similar steady situation, using my favorite tools, and with advanced responsibilites---either with an established company with its own app, a solid consulting firm with high-quality clients, or an exciting (well-funded) start-up with a plan for a great new web service.

I look forward to working with interesting creative people on challenging new projects, especially ones with the potential to bring great value to the market. If one is motivated enough towards a goal, one doesn't mind so much the hard work it will take to get there.

If this sounds like something you might be needing for your own project or company, please contact me today to discuss what I might do for you. I make web application dreams take flight, and I may be exactly the person to help you with yours!

Favorite tools & technologies (in addition to the ones above)

I also grok the following fairly well to varying degrees: SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, Postgresql, Marklogic, New Relic, Google Docs, Zend, CodeIgniter, Cake, other Python frameworks, Dojo Toolkit, Mootools, Agile, Design Patterns, JsMin, Require, HTTP, REST, SSL, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Applets, EJB, C, Perl, XML, XML Schema, XPATH, XSLT, Ruby, Rails, SCSS, ERB, Sinatra, Grunt, Capistrano, Octopus, Bitbucket, Mercurial, Subversion, Moodle, Brainhoney, MacOS, Gunicorn

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