Matthew Trump       
   Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Bespoke Web Applications

 |  frontend  |  backend  |  full-stack  |  n-tier distributed architecture

Database-driven web apps and web services 

dynamic interactive UX/UI

Zend Framework
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Matthew Trump: What I Do

I work with businesses in the Portland metro area and beyond to build and maintain their business-critical web applications. I have over a decade of experience doing this for large and small businesses, and start-ups.

I use both basic tools and cutting-edge libraries (where appropriate) to make fantastic applications that solve complex use cases. I design and build user interfaces that people find intuitive and enjoy using. I build back-end MVC frameworks apps that are both functional and scalable, yet minimalistic in design and easy to maintain. I believe in using computers to solve problems, not create more of them.

I am a clear and direct communicator who enjoys the challenge of listening to someone's idea for an app, then designing it and bringing it to reality in a timely and relatively inexpensive manner. I write documentation that people can actually understand and use.

Technical Work History

I have a scientific and technical background as well, and am comfortable working with complex data sets and statistical algorithms.

More Info

Case Studies/Portfolio

The structure of a basic Node Express project (JQuery)

The structure of a basic Node Express project is a JQuery-based interactive page I made recently to show how the Node Express framework works. Among other things, it's a pretty good introduction to the basics of Express!

Node Express code reference (JQuery)

This Node Express code reference was a demo I made using JQuery effects in order to provide myself a cheatsheet for Node Express development.

Introduction to General Chemistry (JQuery animation)

This proof-of-concept demo was one that I used to illustrate how to employ animation and other effects in JQuery (along with CSS3 and HTML5) to create interesting, informative explanations of complex materials that run entirely in the browser.